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  • Will the iNFo Fair be recorded?
    Every attempt will be made to record all the sessions, however there is always the possibility of technical difficulties. Also, occasionally a presenter may ask us not to share a recording.
  • Why isn't there a session on schwannomatosis?
    We've decided that a separate schwannomatosis education session would be more valuable and we are working on something for early in 2022.
  • Will the sessions be captioned?
    We will have a professional captioning the first two sessions that are for all audiences and then they will caption the NF2 sessions only. The Zoom platform does provide automatic captioning that can be turned on if needed by the attendee.
  • How to I login to the iNFo Fair?
    To attend the iNFo Fair use the link you received in an email after registering to get to the main "room" which follows the left side of the schedule. To attend the NF2 sessions use this LINK. For the NF1 Childrens Issues session use this LINK.
  • Do I need a camera or audio?
    You don't need camera or audio for the iNFo Fair. You may join on your computer, tablet, or smart phone without those. You will also have the option to call in and listen on your phone. For the Friday Social it will be best to be on a computer, tablet, or smartphone in order to participate.
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